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Postal Mail

Hundreds of companies rely on FlyDoc to handle their business mail because we’re flexible, affordable and convenient. It’s the perfect service for getting invoices, reports and partner communications into the mail faster and with much less effort.

FlyDoc handles the printing, sorting, stuffing and stamping the same day your documents are generated – so you can focus on your business.

With FlyDoc online mail services you can:

  • Save time and money
  • Gain more flexibility than a mail house
  • Speed up invoicing time
  • Mail directly from desktop applications
  • Use advanced document tracking
  • Track and analyze mailings with FlyDoc Manager

FlyDoc benefits

Saves time and money

Get rid of mail prep drudgery. It’s a hassle to print addresses and find stamps, let alone sorting and stuffing larger mail jobs. Mailing a letter takes less than 2 minutes in FlyDoc, compared to 8 minutes for manual letter prep. When you save time, you save money. And best of all, instead of tending to paper cuts, you can focus on the dozens of other things that need to get done.

View a demonstration of the Mail Merge function

More flexible than a mail house

Mail houses require large volumes of identical documents and, because so much time is spent on the proofing and approval process, it can take weeks to send out a job. With FlyDoc you can send a single document or a job of thousands. They can be personalized and the documents can even have varying page lengths, a situation that often occurs in accounting statement print streams. Turnaround is incredibly fast. Your documents are in the mail 24 hours after we receive your print job.

Speeds up invoicing time

Do your invoices stack up, waiting to be sent out in batch? You can send invoices to FlyDoc as they are created and they’ll reach your customers faster – which means you’ll receive payment faster.

Mail from desktop applications

With FlyDoc, you can create a letter with your word processor and then instead of printing it to your local office printer, you “print” it to the FlyDoc mail facility and we take it from there. There is no need to learn new software or deal with complicated uploads. Use the preview feature to easily proof your mailing before sending it. Our unique technology, the FlyDoc Intelligent Print Driver, allows you to send mail from your computer. When you sign up for the FlyDoc service, you’ll receive the FlyDoc Intelligent Print Driver at no charge.

Follow the status of your mailings

Advanced document tracking

Our document tracking system allows us to automate the mail process, while still handling personalized documents. This makes FlyDoc the ideal way to outsource back-office documents like inventory reports, invoices and accounting statements. Our clients have been embarrassed by mail houses that send invoices to the wrong address or lose the last page because the documents vary in length. Thanks to our advanced document tracking technology, we can guarantee that all documents are sent to the right address and all pages of a report are kept together, and in the right order.

Track and analyze mailings with the FlyDoc Manager

You can be confident that your important documents reach their recipients. Each mail piece is tracked in the FlyDoc Manager. You can easily find any undeliverable addresses and export them in Microsoft Excel. This simple process keeps your database updated and improves the effectiveness of your mailings.

Paper - Postage - Envelopes


  • 24# White
  • Black & white or full-color printing
  • Single and duplex printing


  • White, two windows
  • #10, 6”x9” and 9”x12”


  • First Class