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Customer reminder letter challenge

Managing debt collection requires rigorous handling to be efficient and profitable. To limit immobilizing finances, debt collection must be conducted in a short timeframe and at the lowest cost. Poor management can result in further payment delays and impact cash flow.


A delicate reminder process

Complex organization of different types of reminders

All customers can be defiant. To ensure an effective reminder process, you must multiply contact with late-paying customers by every possible means. However, managing different formats (fax, letter, SMS) can be costly and time-consuming. For example, manually sending an invoice costs $5; this cost increases to $750 when sending 150 letters.

Critical deadlines

A reminder letter must be sent quickly to avoid immobilizing finances for any longer than necessary. Manual processing further delays the sending.

Costly human errors and inexistent traceability

When manual intervention is required there is always a risk of human error. Time constraints and pressure can result in sending errors. If a reminder letter is sent to the wrong customer or it contains incorrect information, you risk losing customer trust and damaging your relationship. A lost or unpaid invoice or reminder letter engenders the same result: the invoice is still unpaid and a new reminder letter must be sent.

Use FlyDoc for your customer reminder letters

FlyDoc: 5 advantages for sending reminder letters

  • In one simple click send personalized letters by fax, postal mail or email
  • Decrease your collection time by reducing the time to send your reminder letter: if your document is submitted before noon, it is sent the same day
  • There is no risk of error – integrity is guaranteed
  • Real-time verification of sent mail, thanks to FlyDoc Manager
  • Information on returned mail (moved, no longer at indicated address)